Record your Story of Love on the Trail for our Valentine’s Episode!

We are doing a special edition of the podcast where we play YOUR recordings! Record your story of love on the trail for us here. Guidelines:

  1. Please keep your recording to under 8 minutes long.
  2. Relevant stories only. We are looking for love stories of how you met your love on the trail, at a race, or deepened your connection with your loved one through trail/ultrarunning
  3. Consider writing down your story first, making a beginning, middle and end and having it flow so it will be well suited for the podcast.
  4. We will only be able to include a certain number of calls, so please make sure to do your best recording and plan it out for us so we don't have to edit too much.
  5. All calls are subject to be used, your message is your agreement that we can use your recording for our podcast and edit it as needed.
  6. All calls must be submitted by Tuesday, Feb 12 at noon Pacific Standard Time

Thank you!


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