Stories of Love from the Trail: Valentine’s Day Special

Your stories of love in one gigantic feel good episode including stories of unexpected love, a date gone very wrong when a man talks about running 100 milers and a husband who runs for his wife who can’t run. We have your stories, all under 8 minutes from your calls into our HOU website. Get ready to feel the love! Stories from: Jim, Kirsten, Lisa, Gregory, Alicia/Gavin, Sarah/Dennis, Nathan, Jason, Justin, Rob, Laura, Sabrina/Avery, Jordan, Ian, Phil, Joshua, Nichole and a poem by your host Candice Burt.

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Episode sponsored by Altra Running

Guest Recordings & Music in order of appearance:

"Crazy Love" Boomkat

Jim Dees aka Darkling Thrush

"Love Rules" Sweetara Music

Kristen H

"Take Me Out" Origami Pigeon

Lisa Danylchuk

"Pins and Needles" Origami Pigeon

Gregory Rutchik

"We Were Old Souls" Tangerine

Alicia Jenkins & Gavin Browder

"Stride" Baby Powder

Sarah Emoto & Dennis Williams

"West Coast Bound" Olive Musique

Nathan Mapson

"Love Rules" Sweetara Music

Jason Silver

"Take Me Out" Origami Pigeon


"Weekend Love" Material Music


"West Coast Bound" Olive Musique

Laura Fiala

"Pins and Needles" Origami Pigeon

Sabrina Stanley & Avery Collins

"Forbidden Lovers" Petunia and the Vipers

Jordan Garris

"All but a Dream" Evan MacDonald

Ian Morgan

"All but a Dream" Evan MacDonald

Phil Lowry 

"We Were Old Souls" Tangerine

Joshua Moulthrop

"Broken Down Love" Petunia and the Vipers

Nichole Braun & Dan Hall

"Limitless World" Evan MacDonald

Candice Burt, a poem

"Blind Like Glass" Br'er Rabbit

1 thought on “Stories of Love from the Trail: Valentine’s Day Special”

  1. I’m listening to this on my headphones at work. It’s just delightful. And I love the inbetween music! You have a new dedicated listener!

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