Record Your Trail Dog Story

We are taking submissions for a podcast on Trail Dogs that will be published this month (May). Please leave a message with your trail dog story by hitting record on this page (above blue button). You may have to be on a desktop or laptop computer to record this.


  • Your story can be about any adventure you have taken your dog on related to trail running.
  • We recommend you come up with a flow to your story in advance - maybe even write it down so you can narrate it easily. We will use direct recordings for the podcast with (hopefully) minimal editing.
  • Your recording here constitutes your agreement to be included in our podcast.
  • Only original work please! Make sure this is your story and not taken from any one else.
  • Recordings can be up to 5 minutes. If you have a longer story you may record up to two calls. When your time runs out, just record again if you need more time. 10 mins max.

Email us with a photo for the show notes at

Thank you for submitting your story.

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