Planning a Running Adventure: The Enchantments Lake Traverse

I got together a group of my friends and ran the Enchantments Traverse while recording a podcast! This route is near my home in Leavenworth, WA and boasts some of the most amazing terrain you can find in the world. It's a tough and technical route through the Stuart Mountain Range in Washington State and much of it requires following cairns, crossing snow and boulder fields. We talk about the route and its challenges, what to bring on a long adventure, food/nutrition, safety equipment and dealing with the unknowns of a long trail running route. Featuring: Jenny Low, Bethany Loeffler, Riley Smith and Kate Woodard.

Episode sponsored by Altra Running. Altra makes shoes that fit your foot shape with wide toe boxes that will help you avoid blisters and other friction based injuries. None of those pointed toe boxes! My favorite shoe for all mountain running is the Timp 1.5!

Learn more about the Enchantments Lake Traverse here.

My Gear list

Ultimate Direction Hardrocker Pack

1 Soft flask for filling water in streams (plenty of water on route)

Inreach SPOT Tracker - you can send text messages via Satelite!

Emergency Bivy (foil)

Light rain jacket, I used the Ultimate Direction V2

Long sleeve shirt

Katadyn Filter Water Bottle

Headlamp + extra batteries

Spring Energy gels, about 20 gels = over 2000 calories. For 10% off use coupon code: candice

Snacks like olives, nuts, cheese/salami etc

LEKI Poles

Chapstick, sunscreen, lube

Music by: "Groove Science" Olive Musique, "Walls of Jerico" Wolves, "Crazy Clownz" Wolves, "No Regrets" Olive Musique, "Guilty Pleasure" Olive Musique, "Safe Word" JAM Studio, and "Swordfish Hotkiss Night" Empire of the Sun.

Photos by Riley Smith Photography

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