Ken Michal: Sharpening Your Mental Game through Adversity

Fresh off a DNF at the HURT 100, Ken Michal talks philosophy and running as a creative outlet. We delve into the mental side of running, coming to terms with where your body is vs. where you want it to be, making a "Quit List," and sharpening your mental game. Ken has started the tough HURT 100 ten times and has 3 finishes. He runs middle to back of the pack and works full time. Ken has a lot of passion for the sport and he brings this passion to the podcast in spades.

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1 thought on “Ken Michal: Sharpening Your Mental Game through Adversity”

  1. That Ken Michal guy is such a jerk…


    Thanks again for the interview, Candice! So fun!! Can’t wait to share the trails on Tantalus again in January (lottery gods willing)!

    All Day!

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