Jeff Garmire: Setting a Speed Record on Arizona Trail

Jeff Garmire set the new overall record on the 800 mile Arizona Trail, finishing it self supported in 15 days 13 hours and 10 minutes. That beats the supported record by 9+ hours and 3+days for the self supported record, an impressive effort! Jeff calls the 800 mile Arizona Trail a "short" FKT (Fastest Known Time) route. As unbelievable as that sounds, to Jeff 800 miles is a tiny portion of trails he's accomplished in one go. Since 2011 Jeff has logged over 21,000 miles on America's long trails including completing the Triple Crown in one year which includes the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. He completed all the Colorado 14ers in one year and the prestigious Nolans 14 in under 60 hours. Jeff is a wealth of knowledge about thru hiking and fastpacking and this conversation goes into depth on his incredible effort on the AZT plus some of his hardcore hiking background.

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Jeff at the Mexico border right before starting
Jeff at the Mexico border right before starting

2 thoughts on “Jeff Garmire: Setting a Speed Record on Arizona Trail”

  1. What a fantastic interview! This is likely the best interview on an FKT attempt that I’ve ever heard. Finally, deeper questions about happiness levels on long intense efforts, and the effect in the aftermath of the attempt were raised. Kudos for the wider range of emotional content and not just the generic scenic highlights, Miles per day, and gear talk. Great interview connection via Candace, and great honest answers from Jeff. Keep these coming, especially from people who are spending DAYS on the trail, just 100 miles (not to discount running 100 miles…)

  2. This was my favorite episode so far! Even my husband liked it. You asked the right questions! Thanks and good luck on our healing and your FKT.

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