How to be Superwoman at 61 Years Young

Terry Abrams is a proponent for the underdog and believes that all miles are equal regardless of your pace or place. Terry is 61 years old and was an ultrarunner before it was cool. She did her first ultra in the 1980s! She was the first woman to complete the Badwater Triple (449 miles) and she recently ran 1000 miles from Enumclaw, WA to Mt. Whitney, CA. We talk about being a pioneer in the sport, learning by trial and error, being of service to others, how the Tahoe 200 is the first race she's signed up for in 20 years, Age and running, how to hydrate properly, most important personality traits of an ultrarunner, using running as medication, pain with a purpose, having a higher purpose, and so much more.

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Music by Grace Mesa, "Boom, Boom, Boom"

The charity Terry ran for during her 1000 mile run is Hilarity for Charity

Read more about Terry's 1000 mile run on Trail Sisters.

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Terry Abrams
Terry Abrams
Terry running through extreme smoke during her 1000 mile run
Terry running through extreme smoke during her 1000 mile run
Top of Mt. Whitney
Top of Mt. Whitney
The joy of the finish, Terry at the completion of her 1000 mile journey with her family/crew
The joy of the finish, Terry at the completion of her 1000 mile journey with her family/crew

3 thoughts on “How to be Superwoman at 61 Years Young”

  1. What a great podcast!!!
    Thank you! Age is just a number. I’m 56 and just started running ultras in the last 3 years. Hoping my first 100k will be the Tahoe 100k this fall and then a 100 miler to follow at some point. Woohoo! No limits just getting started 😉

  2. Candice, I so enjoyed listening to this podcast with Terry Abrams. I loved hearing her passion and advocacy for cheering the underdog and the back of the packers who are working just as hard as the elites in front.

    She spoke with such care, humility and concern regarding your upcoming 800 Arizona FKT. I would have never thought about relinquishing control to your crew to allow you to just concentrate on putting one foot ahead of the other. And stuff like the importance of sleep and how the body adapts. And that you can actually grow into your fitness on these massive runs. I would never have thought of that either.

    Wishing you all the best on the Arizona Trail Candice. And as Terry mentioned about “connecting with your environment” on these long running journeys, may the Arizona Trail be an incredibly beautiful experience for you.

    Thanks again. You are an amazing podcast host! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing Terry with us on your podcast. Terry is a testament to the power of consistency and resilience. What a neat lady!
    I like the fact that you take an opportunity to connect with all kinds of leaders and you bring out their stories and perspectives very well. It is almost like your podcasts are holiday gifts, you never know what you are going to learn next!
    Keep on sharing and making tracks.

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