How the HURT 100 Mile Race Turned into a Love Story

Final HURT 100 Episode: Candice's Story. Part 1: "How the HURT 100 Race turned into a love story" narrated by Candice Burt (story style). Part 2: Interview with Kevin Westlake (pacer/Crew/Airbnb Host). Part 3: Interview with Catra Corbett, Crew and Pacer. From Candice's story: "He was standing near me and just his presence made me feel alive. His fingers clasped in his running vest, board shorts hanging down to his knees looking more like a surfer than a runner. Because, well he IS a surfer. I still wasn’t sure why he was at the race. He wasn’t a runner, I’d just met him days earlier but now he was standing right next to me ready to pace me the final 8 miles to the finish of this 100 mile race in the jungle and I knew I wanted him there but I was worried. I glanced at my legs, covered in mud and sweat and sticky with dreams that slowly seeped from my head where they had been born 6 years earlier settling slowly somewhere in the mud with my ego. I’d be getting my finish but not in the time or place I hoped for."

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Music by: Petunia and the Vipers "Mercy", Br'er Rabbit "I'm Ok", Empire of the Sun "Without You"

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