Gene Dykes: World Record Speed at Age 70

From 200 mile ultras to sub-3 hour marathons, this 70 year old is having the time of his life.

Gene Dykes got into running at 58 yrs old and he just keeps getting better. At 70 years old he is running sub 3 hour marathons while finishing ultramarathons including the Triple Crown of 200s, a series of three 200 mile mountain races in less than 3 months. In 2018, Gene beat the world record marathon time for 70+ in 2:54, but because the race wasn't sanctioned it didn't count as a world record. We discuss training, diet, OKFs (oldest known times), 2019 plans and why it is important to excel at something.

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Music by Angus Stone, "Bird on the Buffalo" and Br'er Rabbit "Roller".

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