Episode 4 (Bonus!): Thanksgiving at Candice’s House “Would You Rather Edition”

Thanksgiving at Candice’s House “Would You Rather Edition” is a special edition podcast recorded between dinner and dessert on … you guessed it… Thanksgiving! We put a mic in the middle of the table and recorded a podcast with a bunch of runners (and some family) who I had over for a Friendsgiving feast. Off the cuff, sometimes silly, sometimes hilarious and definitely gross and occasionally embarrassing, here’s a very candid recording from my table to your ears. Hope you enjoy this bonus (and we think) fun episode! Special Guests: Don Freeman from Trail Runner Nation Podcast, Jenny Low, Chad Neu, Tim Probst, Ken “The Shark” Dam, Ali Riecke and littles Charlie, Marina and Stella to add the kid perspective. Cheers!

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