200+ Miles Through the Australian Outback: Delirious WEST 200 Mile

Podcast episode co-hosted by Kevin Westlake and Candice Burt chronicling the inaugural Delirious WEST 219 mile/350km race that took place on the West Coast of Australia. We bring you live recordings from before, during and after the race including Candice's story (1st place female/3rd place overall) and Kevin's experiences as a first time crew/pacer and his interviews of other athletes in the race, volunteers, crew/pacers and the race director Shaun Kaelser. This inaugural event is special because it runs point to point along the very west coast of Australia on the Bibbulmun Track from Northcliff to Albany. The story includes getting lost, hallucinations, the joys of running multiple days, sleep deprivation struggles, and a heck of a lot more. Learn all about 200 mile racing!

Episode features special guests: Shaun Kaesler, Dion Leonard, Kay Bretz, Louise Wallace, Guy Schweitzer, Marilyn & Peter Freitag, Kiley O'Neil, Rebecca Brockwell, Nichole Vaughn.

Learn more about the Delirious WEST 200 mile here, pssst: registration is OPEN!

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Episode sponsored by Kogalla the light that out performs all other lights and can be worn on your pack, waist or from a tent! This is the light that everyone is using for 100+ mile races and adventure runs because it lights up the trail 120 degrees!

Episode Music by:

  1. Groove Science by Olive Musique
  2. Whiskey Drag Race by Flash Fluharty
  3. Fantastic Voyage by Olive Musique
  4. Breakdown by Empire of the Sun
  5. let's Run Away by Olive Musique
  6. Without You by Empire of the Sun
  7. Groove Science by Olive Musique
  8. In Secret by Tiny Music
  9. Titanium by Jasmine Thompson
  10. Whiskey Drag Race (short) by Flash Fluharty
  11. Now Understand This by Boomkat
  12. No Regrets by Olive Musique
  13. Blind Like Glass by Br'er Rabbit
  14. I'm Ok by Br'er Rabbit
  15. Space is the Place by Laserhawk
  16. No Regrets (short) by Olive Musique
  17. A Million Times by Summerheart

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Alan Stabler, Candice's pacer from Perth, Australia
Candice and Kevin
Candice and Kevin

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